Check out the latest designs from Longford born artist Barry Masterson. Barry was a graduate from the Limerick school of Art and Design where he studied Printmaking and Contemporary Practices. He is a keen sports enthusiast and a supporter of his local team Longford Town. He creates “imagery derived from sporting events to make a commentary on issues surrounding the sports themselves, or wider issues which it mirrors within contemporary culture”.

Barry’s designs have featured on such websites as Forza, and Check out his latest work titled ” League of Ireland Internationals”.

Wes Hoolahan

fly goalkeeper - Barry Masterson Design

Seamus Coleman

fly goalkeeper - Barry Masterson Design

 Coleman, Hoolahan, Long and McClean

fly goalkeeper - Barry Masterson Design

If you would like to see more of Barry’s designs, illustrations and photography check out his website below.

You can also purchase some of Barry Masterson’s work by clicking on the link below.


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