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“Come on you Ornssssss”, we take a look at the work of Thomas James Design

fly goalkeeper - TJDesign
Watford Legends Banner by Thomas James Design

We take a look at the work of English born designer Thomas James. Thomas is a freelance graphic designer/illustartor based in Watford who’s work has been featured in the ‘Watford Observer’ and the BBC’s ‘Football League Show’. He is a keen football devotee and creates unique designs from the world of football...


Troy Deeney – from porridge to promotion

fly goalkeeper- Troy Deeney
Watford striker Troy Deeney

Last Saturday was “the icing on the cake” for Watford striker Troy Deeney as the “Hornets” finally won the race for promotion to the Premier League. Rewind to 2012 and the outlook for Deeney’s football career was very much in doubt due to a brush with the law. Spell behind Bars On...